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Moby Dick by Lisel Jane Ashlock

Picturing Plants and Flowers: Mark Catesby: Purple pitcher plant

Centifolia Rose by Pierre-Joseph Redoute from Choix des plus Belles Fleurs, 1827. Redoute was the official court artist to Queen Marie Antoinette and lived between 1759 and 1840

Jasmines by Edward Detmold from News of Spring and other Studies, 1917

Snowdrops and a Painted Lady by Jacques Le Moyne des Morgues, ca.1575 | Victoria & Albert Museum

Elephant yam, Amorphophallus paeoniifolius illustration from Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Volume 55, plate 2812. Published 1828, London

Teylers Museum

Nightjar and Mole Cricket (detail) by Mark Catesby, ca.1722-26

by Edward Julius Detmold (English, November 21, 1883–July 1, 1957). Edward Julius and his twin brother Charles Maurice Detmold were prolific and exceptionally gifted Victorian book illustrators

Aristolochia magnifica by Luca Palermo

Dragonflies by EA (Emile-Alain) Séguy (1889–1985). 1. Nemopistha imperatrix. Afrique Oc.; 2. Tomatares citrinus. Afrique Austral.; 3. Neurolasis chinesis. Asie; 4. Aeschna Cyanéa. Europe; 5. Mnais earnshawi. Indochine. 1920s (ca.1928) insect pochoir (stencil) prints by E.A. (Emile-Alain) Séguy (1889–1985). Paris: Éditions Ducharte et Van Buggenhoudt

Butterflies: 1. Charaxes zingha. Congo; 2. Papilio blumei. Celebes; 3. Argynnis childrenae. Chine; 4. Papilio tyndereus. Congo; 5. Charaxes cognatus. Celebes. 1920s (ca.1928) insect pochoir (stencil) prints by EA (Emile-Alain) Séguy (1889–1985). Paris: Éditions Ducharte et Van Buggenhoudt

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